Leaf guards are among the best methods to keep your gutters clean. The key is to find a gutter guard that is well built, easy to install, and will not allow debris into your gutters.

Leaf guards can be made of metal or plastic. Metal leaf guards are heavier duty and more expensive but they hold up better in high winds. Plastic leaf guards are lighter weight which might make them more attractive if you live in an area with lots of high wind storms or snowstorms.

Unlike other larger leaves, pine needles are smaller and thus require a tighter seal over the gutter to keep them out.

Some gutters eventually allow pine needles into the gutter given the larger spaces they have. With the ones on this list, you won’t experience any issues, not just with pine needles but all types of debris.

A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard 5″ (200′, Mill Finish)

A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard
A-M Gutter Guard

Taking a close second position is the A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard. This product is a bit more expensive, but it’s also of higher quality and offers some additional features that the LeafFilter does not offer.


This gutter guard measures several feet long with an overall width of five inches. The aluminum material means this leaf filter will be very durable against all sorts of weather conditions while still being light enough to easily install on top of your gutters.

Unlike many other products available today, A-M provides their guards in two styles – mill finish or black powder coat finish – so you can choose which color best fits your home exterior.

If you’re looking for something stylish as well as functional, then the mill finish might be best for you.


In terms of performance, this is one of the best gutter leaf guards for pine needles. The installation was simple and easy, with no tools required to install it into the gutters on my roof.

It also saves you a significant amount of time installing this over other products due to its simple design which simply clips into the gutter. This product is made from aluminum which makes it light but durable at the same time.

Why Buy it?

The A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard is one of the best gutter leaf guards for pine needles. It protects your gutters from debris and other things that could clog them up, as well as potential water damage to your home.

The A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard provides excellent protection against rusting because it’s made out of heavy-duty aluminum with a powder-coated finish to keep it looking great. It also has an attractive look while still being functional at the same time.


The only downside to this gutter leaf guard is that it’s made of aluminum. While the aluminum grade used is the highest (100%), it’s still not as durable as stainless steel especially in the long-term. Other than that, this is a solid gutter guard that won’t let any debris into the gutter.

Raptor Gutter Guard

Raptor Gutter Guard

Next up is the Raptor Gutter Guard. This is a really inexpensive option, and I think it does the job well enough if you’re not looking for anything fancy. It’s made of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about rusting or corrosion. It’s also easy enough to install, so it won’t take a long time before your gutters are ready for the fall leaves (or pine needles).


The Raptor Gutter Guard has a sleek and modern design that is appealing to many homeowners. It also has small vents which provide better drainage of rainwater.

It comes in different colors such as blueberry, chestnut brown, cedar green, dark bronze and vanilla white for those who want to match their gutters with the color scheme of their homes or choose one that will look best on their property.

This guard works great with all types of roofs including tile, flat roofing materials and shingle roofs.


The performance of this gutter guard is actually quite impressive. The material is designed to be impact-resistant and will not crack like other guards on the market.

The installation process of this gutter guard is also very easy as all that needs to be done is to slide it over your existing gutters, which does require some flexibility in order to get them into place.

Lastly, another bonus with this gutter leaf guards for pine needles is that they are easily removable so you can use them on new roofs or during renovations.

Why Buy it?

It’s made of stainless-steel micro-mesh which means that you don’t have to worry about the product rusting. The micro-mesh is also very strong and not easily torn by branches or leaves, with a lifespan of up to ten years.

It’s easy for homeowners to install themselves without hiring an expensive contractor (just follow the instructions), so it doesn’t cost much more than other gutter guards on the market. It’s durable but flexible enough not to damage your gutters – simply bend it where needed.


One of the major complaints is that there’s no overlap between pieces so debris can easily get in-between them if it sits on top long enough or gets blown by heavy wind gusts into your gutters.

For most users, however, this isn’t a dealbreaker since it’s something you can live with.

GutterStuff GS10957 Foam Gutter Filter Insert

Guttestuff Foam Gutter filtet

The GutterStuff GS10957 Foam Gutter Filter Insert is a specially designed foam filter for your gutters that will not allow pine needles to enter. The insert blocks out anything larger than an eighth of an inch and has been proven by Gutter Stuff technicians to be effective at blocking even very thin pieces of debris.


The GutterStuff GS10957 Foam Gutter Filter Insert comes in small sections with the installation instructions included in the box. Installation should take about thirty minutes on average.

Most customers rank it due to its ease of use in protecting their gutters from leaves and other debris entering them during rainstorms or windy days when gusts can make it easy for the leaves to enter the gutters.


The GutterStuff Foam Gutter Filter Insert is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their gutters clean from pine needles and other debris. It keeps rainwater flowing smoothly over your roof and prevents clogs that may block the water flow in the guttering system.

In this way, it prevents damage to the building’s exterior and interior surfaces. It also prevents those annoying pine needle bundles that often fall out of trees onto roofs during rainy seasons by catching them before they can get jammed up in your gutter drains.

Why Buy it?

There is a lot to love about this gutter guard, but the main thing is how easy it is to install. It has a self-adhesive that will stick to your guttering no matter what and won’t let go until you remove it with water or heat (so don’t even think about trying to use any chemicals on this).

The material feels like memory foam which makes for a great divider between branches and leaves as they fall off of trees during the winter season.

The best part though is that if you have really thin gutters, then there are actually little metal clips included in the kit so you can hook them onto your existing rain gutter. You just bend back one side of clip over itself while pressing against the other side, fold down the clip, and then twist it around the top edge of your gutter.

It’s also really easy to cut down if you have a lot of branches that are hanging over or out from under this guard because there is an included cutting tool. When it’s fall and the leaves are flying all over, having this gutter guard is a great way to prevent gutter clogs.


The only weakness with this product is that it doesn’t fit circular gutters given its wedge shape. If you have a lot of pine needles or other debris coming down your gutters and over time, they’ll start clogging up this filter too. Other than that, it’s a really good option to keep all types of debris out of the gutter.

E-Z-Gutter Guard EZ-Shield-10


This is a heavy-duty aluminum coated gutter guard for pine needles that features EZ installation and has a 100% lifetime warranty. The best part about this particular gutter leaf guard is that it will not rust or corrode unlike some of the other aluminum varieties on the market, making it last longer in outdoor conditions which are notorious for causing corrosion problems with materials like metal.

Design & Performance

E-Z GUTTER GUARD EZ Shield-12 gutter guard provides an affordable and easy way to protect your gutters from pine needles, leaves, twigs, seeds and other debris.

The patented design of the E-Z GUTTER GUARD is made with ultra-durable aluminum material that resists dents or scratches caused by falling debris.

It also features a ball joint at the top for easier installation on angled roofs. It has flexible joints which allow you to install it virtually anywhere. It also installs easily without any tools.

It can be installed easily by simply slipping over your existing gutters and snapping into place without using any tools at all. With its weight distribution system built right in to ensure stability even under extreme wind loads, you can rest assured that your home’s roof protection during those wicked winter storms won’t suffer from the effects of a heavy rain, snow or ice.

The E-Z GUTTER GUARD is easy to clean and maintain after installation thanks to the patented “no tools required” snap-together design. With no harsh chemicals needed just water for cleaning, they are environment friendly too.


It’s sturdy and long lasting, with an ability to withstand the harsh environmental elements. The EZ Shield Gutter Guard has a non-obtrusive design that can be installed on any type of gutter system or roof.

This product is easy to install since it doesn’t require any tools. Simply climb up the ladder then snap the gutter guard into gutters and you’re done.


The only downside to this gutter guard is that it doesn’t work well with in very heavy storms. If you have a lot of heavy storms in your area, this may not be the best gutter guard for you. However, it can withstand a beating and will stay in place. High winds alone won’t dislodge them off your gutter.

LeafTek Gutter Guard Leaf Protection

LeafTek Gutter Guard Leaf Protection
LeafTek Gutter Guard-Black and White

LeafTek keeps leaves, twigs, pine needles, seeds, out while handling the heaviest downpours. With 404 – 1/8″ holes per sq. ft. there’s never “shingle sediment” clogging unlike micro hole systems.

With this gutter guard system, be sure that you will not have to climb ladders to clean gunk out of your gutter system.

It comes with the following features

  • Easy to install 4′ sections’
  • Comes in white and black
  • Strengthens your gutters
  • Thick .019 gauge USA aluminum
  • Stainless steel, self-tap color matched screws included
  • Hard as nails enamel finish
  • Proprietary vented raised ridge air flow design
  • Corners install easily
  • Does NOT install under your shingles, therefore will not void your roofs warranty
  • It is double-boxed & foam packaged for shipping

Amerimax Lock-In Gutter Guard

Amerimax lock-in gutter guard

The Amerimax Home Products 636025 Lock-In Gutter Guard is a great option for homeowners looking to protect their roof from unsightly leaf clutter. This product features a patented design that locks in the gutter guard so it can’t be removed by wind, rain or snow. It also eliminates all of these problems and keeps leaves out of your gutters year after year.

Design and Features

The design of this product is a definite plus. This gutter guard has the Amerimax Home Products logo and name imprinted on it, which looks nice from the outside but also serves as an easy reminder for when you’re up in your roof again with that rake to prevent damage on the gutter guard.

This product does not require any tools or hardware to install, so installation time is minimal if you get this done before snowfall (in case of ice dams). The instructions are simple: push it into place then press down firmly until you feel the gutter guard “snap” into place. That’s it!

The ideal time for installation is in early summer or fall. This way, when winter arrives, there’s less chance of snow getting stuck on top of your newly-installed product. This product not only prevents future ice dams by keeping water from collecting under the gutter, it also protects your home from any water damage that may result.

Why do you need to buy it

The Amerimax Home Products 636025 Lock-In Gutter Guard is great for those who are having a problem with pine needles, dirt and other debris in their gutters. It works really well to keep these items out and also prevents clogs.

It is easy to install, affordable and durable as well.

The easy installation is due to it having a lock-in design which doesn’t require any tools to work. Durable to withstand all weather conditions. It’s also available in Black and Black New colors to match your roof color.

Unfortunately, this gutter guard may not be a good option because it has slightly larger holes at the top which means that the tiny debris can easily get into your gutter with time. However, given how great it works, this isn’t an issue to worry about.

Flo-free Gutter Guard

Flo-free Gutter Guard

Another great product to best protect your pine needles from clogging up your gutters is the Flo-free Gutter Guard. This gutter guard is not a netting or mesh-like material that sits on top of the roof and hangs over the edge, but rather it has an elasticized strap all around its perimeter instead. This unique design makes it easy for you to install into hard-to-reach areas such as steep roofs, corners, valleys, sagging roofs etc., which are often difficult for other types of guards to cover completely.


This product comes in a set of six and each one is 12 inches long. The Flo-free Gutter Guard measures at .060 inches thick, which makes it flexible enough to be used on vinyl or aluminum gutters, as well as copper pipes. It can also be cut down for smaller guttering such as around siding or windows.

The design of this product allows leaves that are blown onto your roof from trees to fall off rather than clogging up against the downspouts where they will create more messes over time while also weighing them down with their accumulating weight. Without intervention, the gutters become more susceptible to breaking free during high winds.


This gutter guard fits K style gutters which means that it is not universal for all gutters. The best part about the Flo-free K Style Gutter Guard, however, is that it does not require any special tools to install which can help save on time and money. There are two pieces of metal on each side of this gutter guard, with hooks on one end, where they attach to the gutters.

The installation process is very easy because these clips do not have an adhesive coating or anything like that so there’s no need for cutting into your shingles or roof tiles in order to put them up. All you would have to do is push down on both ends until you hear a satisfying click from them attaching securely onto the top of the gutter without needing additional fasteners.

Why I it is a good option

The Flo-free K Style Gutter Guard is made from a durable plastic that can withstand the elements for up to five years. You might also find that this gutter guard has one of the best warranties out there, with an industry-leading lifetime guarantee against any and all defects in materials or workmanship as long as you are purchasing new units.

These guards should be able to fit around your gutters without obstructing water flow which will make them easier to clean later on down the line because leaves won’t accumulate under these guards.

Besides that, the Flo-free Gutter Guard also has a curved shape that will take the pressure off of your gutters and allow water to flow more freely without clogging up.

This product is suitable for pine needles and also does a great job when protecting your gutters from other debris such as sticks and small rocks by minimizing clogs all through the gutter.

Why I it may not be a good option

The foam may easily get clogged up especially when the rain runoff has large debris or is muddy due to a dusty roof. Basically, the Flo-free Gutter Guard sieves the water on its way to the gutter.

LeafFilter Gutter Guard

LeafFilter Gutter Guard

First on our list is the excellent LeafFilter Gutter Guard. This is a durable, flexible mesh cover that installs within the gutter. It’s designed to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters for good. It installs in seconds with few tools required for the procedure.


It’s made from heavy-duty polyester fabric which won’t unravel or fray over time. The design is made to be long-lasting. The LeafFilter is designed with a patented “S” shaped panel that extends higher than the gutter lip for superior protection from leaves, pine needles, acorns and other debris.

It attaches easily onto gutters by hooking right on top of them which offers an easy installation process with no special tools required.

Features and Benefits

This gutter guard is engineered so it won’t interfere with downspouts as they are positioned near the corners of your house where debris can accumulate most often (hence why those areas require extra protection).

It stops all those pesky pine needles and other such debris before they get into your gutters. It also looks great once installed.

This gutter leaf guard is so much easier to install than most the guards in this review. Usually, you need two people which is inconvenient for many homeowners because they usually only have help from a spouse or one of the kids.

It also means more cost in terms of hiring someone else to do it for them and that could be costly if they’re not good at DIY-ing like those on TV.

The LeafFilter Gutter Guard simply slides up over your fascia board and attaches with Velcro where necessary.

There’s very little cutting required – just cut the excess material off when installing into smaller gutters.

The LeafFilter has an angle design that makes sure water flows down through the gutter instead of running across it, meaning there’s less risk of damage to the fascia board.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty which is great customer service in my opinion because it means they stand behind their product and are willing to take care of people who have problems.

It’s hard finding fault with this gutter leaf guard since it’s well-thought out and performs as stated by the manufacturer.

It is a highly-recommend gutter leaf guard for anyone looking for one without all the fuss.

Picking one of the gutter guards will ensure that your gutters remain free of debris in all seasons. They’ll not only ensure a gutter free of leaves but all types of debris.

What to look for when buying gutter leaf guards

To find the best gutter leaf for pine needles and other types of debris, consider the following aspects:

Type of material

The material used to make the gutter leaf guard is important as it will determine how long the gutters stay protected. Gutter guards can be made of different types of materials, including metal, plastic and mesh.

Mesh or copper-coated steel are the best for debris but they’re also more expensive than other options with a shorter lifespan. Plastic and vinyl may degrade faster in sunlight which means frequent replacements are needed. For pine needles, consider using metal or plastic that have been specially treated to withstand sunny and wet conditions because they’d wear out and become brittle respectively.

What you want your gutter guard made of depends on what type of roof you have, how much weight it can handle (for example if there’s snow accumulation), whether or not you want something lightweight that needs replacing often or something that will last longer and is heavier. Consider the pros and cons of each type to find out which best fits your needs so you can buy a high-quality gutter guard without overspending on something with a short lifespan.

Size of gutter guard

The size of a gutter guard is based on the size of your gutters. Gutters are measured in inches so you would measure from side to side and front to back.

Example: 12″ x 24″. This means that a full-length liner will be 36″ long because it includes both sides plus the top and bottom seams (if applicable). The good thing about this sizing process is that all our guards come standard with pre-cut holes for various sizes.

So, if you know what size your gutters are; then just order according to which hole matches the width of your gutter.

Use the list below as a reference guide when ordering:

A) If you have 15/16” wide gutters: Order Guard Size: 16” to 18”

B) If you have 13/16” wide gutters: Order Guard Size: 15.75″ to 17.25″

C) If you have 11/16” wide gutters: Order Guard Size: 12-14″

Vendors for your gutter guards will always guide you on what to do and what size of gutter guard to get.

Ease of installation

The best gutter leaf guards for pine needles are the ones that can be easily installed. Some require very little input on your end such as simply snapping them into place or bending and pushing them into the gutter until they stick.

If you don’t feel confident installing them, hire a professional who knows what they’re doing. Ask your hardware store if they’ll install it as well. You might have to pay extra for this though.

It’s best not to try and save money with these things because often times it just ends up costing more in the long run.

Design of the gutter guard

The design of the gutter guard is one of the most important things to consider. The design will determine how easy it is for water to flow through and whether or not there are any holes that might collect leaves, pine needles, dirt, etc., be sure to remove this debris as soon as you notice them so they don’t clog up your gutters.

A gutter guard with a wide mesh screen between two pieces of metal will allow large items like sticks and pine cones to pass right through while still catching smaller particles.

Mesh screens can come in different shapes: square or rectangular shaped openings (which cover more surface area), triangular shaped openings (larger opening on one side than another) which only catch larger objects but may have some issues with gaps between the screen and metal frame, or round shaped openings (which will catch a lot of leaves but may have gaps between the mesh and metal).

You can get both external mounted gutter guards which attach to the end caps at the top edge of your gutters (or even just screw onto them), and internal mounted ones installed inside channels cut into sections that are set directly behind each side’s downspout.

Externally mounted gutter guards are best for those who reside in colder climates as they’ll allow you to remove snow from the exterior of your downspouts without having to climb onto a ladder and risk falling off.

On the other hand, internal ones can be easier if you don’t have any room behind the side wall since it only requires one hole drilled into that back section of pipe instead of drilling two.

The downside with both external and internal mounted types is that these come preassembled so if there’s an issue with them (they rust over time or clog up) then installation may not be simple.

Length of warranty

The warranty of your leaf gutter guard is another factor to consider. Some manufacturers provide lifetime warranties, while others have just a year or even shorter. A lifetime warranty is really something that you need if you are going to be spending this much on your gutter guard.

With these aspects, finding the right type of gutter guard for your gutters will be a much easier and accurate process.

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