Gutter cleaning is a labour-intensive job that involves unclogging downspouts, clearing and inspecting gutter guards, removing dirt and debris and finally repairs of fasteners and sealing. All these tasks are included in estimating the cost of cleaning gutters. In addition to the tasks, how they will be done and who will do them will vary the overall price. Following is a detailed discussion.

Gutter Cleaning Cost

It averagely costs between $118 and $230 for cleaning gutters. Single story buildings cost between $60 and $190. Two-story buildings gutter cleaning costs between $80 and $230 for every job. All additional floors will cost an extra $75 and $200 for every service offered.

According to HomeAdvisor, an established digital marketplace that connects homeowners with prescreened, local service professionals to carry out home improvement, maintenance and remodeling projects, the cleaning cost is shown below.

Range Price
National Average $157
Typical Range $118 – $225
Low End – High End $75 – $350

The above numbers are based on actual project costs as reported by over 28,000 verified members of this marketplace mostly in the US.

Price Calculation Formula

The old-fashioned formula is to charge per linear foot. The more linear feet the higher the cost. The standard charge is about $1 per linear foot on one-story buildings and $2 per linear foot for two-story buildings. If you have a 3-story building, expect to pay at least $ 3 per linear foot.

Another not-very-accurate price calculation method is based on Square foot. All you need is to find an estimate of your total home footage, excluding areas that you’ve not installed gutters. For each story your home, multiply it by $0.40

The factors that will determine the price

Several factors determine the cost of cleaning gutters. The following are factors which cleaning companies consider before estimating the cost to clean a clients gutter:

House Height

Single story houses have the cheapest gutter cleaning costs. Additional floors would incur extra charges since more safety gears are required and other ladders as well. These factors raise the prices of extra story buildings

One story building – A single-story building occupying averagely 1,600 square feet occupies about 160 feet of gutter length. The cost of labour is $77 for light cleaning and $190 for gutters in deplorable conditions.

Two-story buildings – These buildings have approximately 2,500 square feet of roof, and gutter length consists of 200 linear feet. The cost of labour ranges from $75 to $95 for light and quick cleaning and rises to $240 for intense cleaning.

Three-story building – These buildings have up to 300 linear feet of gutter length, and prices range from $100 to $140 for soft cleaning and exceed $160 for intensive cleaning.

Seamed gutters and Seamless Metal

Regardless of water channels either being seamed or seamless, the cost of cleaning remains the same. However, the cost of repairing seamed gutters is average $320 while that of seamless metal gutters rises to $950 since seamless gutters are formed by one-piece, unlike seamed water channels which have smaller sections combined.

Condition of the gutter

For gutters that have never been washed, the cost of cleaning will be higher due to excessive dirt build-up. A lot of debris takes more time to clean, and the cleaning cost would reflect on the time taken. It is advisable to clean gutters at least thrice a year, thus reduce cleaning costs.

Extra Maintenance Costs

Some cleaners often tighten fasteners, replace gutter guards and seal outlets and end caps. These services require an additional $11 every hour, which is inclusive of repair and replacement charges. A building owner can opt to install gutter guards which will reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning but increase cleaning cost considering that a cleaner will have to remove then return the screens during cleaning.

Downspout Installation Cleaning

Cleaning downspouts is more expensive and always adds an extra cost to regular cleaning. It costs averagely $50 to $100 to unclog downspouts, Installation of downspouts and gutters costs between $6 to $10 depending on materials used. Installing extenders costs an average of $10 for every installation. Downspouts are essential for gutter cleaning since they ensure water flows far from the gutter instead of pouring on a building’s foundation.

Installation Discounts

Cleaning companies offer discounts on gutter cleaning at times.

DIY/Professional Company

Doing all the cleaning yourself will obviously be cheaper than hiring a professional gutter cleaner or company.

At the same time, some professional cleaners will charge more than others. Some perform gutter repairs such as fastener repair and fixing end caps free of charge while others charge for all the services they offer.

Gutter Length

The cost to clean gutters is determined by the number of linear feet or by the square footage of the home. Either way, the larger your home, the more you can expect cleaning costs to be. 

Location of your Home

Your area of residence can also influence how much you are going to pay to get job done. Home owners in expensive cities like New York, San Jose & Miami will definitely pay more.

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